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Joint search action of Police Special Unit and Dog handlers with our pTRACK system in deployment by both forces

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On 22. of February 2023, a simulated search operation took place in the mountain terrain of the Beskydy Mountains, around Prašivá Hill in Frýdek-Místek. This search action was attended by several units not only from the Police but also from the Mountain Rescue Service. Our pTRACK system played an important role in streamlining the coordination of movement and monitoring of police units in the field. In addition, it provided the new ability for the dog handlers in the field to see their assigned search sector and other police units and their movements across the terrain on a 3D map base in a smartphone app.

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This simulated search operation once again confirmed the effectiveness and accuracy of our pTRACK tracking system, which carefully recorded the entire operation and allowed the search group commanders to better analyze the movement of their units in the field. Upon finding the wanted person or his trace, the searchers marked the find using a button on the pTRACK module, thus letting the mobile command post and other units and dog handlers in the field know of their progress and the location of the find.



Article from pTRACK handover for dog handlers: