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SEFOR Personal Police Cameras


Personal Police Cameras

Law-enforcement recorders are the latest enforcement field audio and video recording products of our company, applying multiple cutting-edge video and audio processing technologies. With comprehensive functions and reliable performance, they can be widely used by Police, Security and Rescue Units, Customs Administration and other Law-enforcing departments.

At the scene of law enforcement, law executors can use the equipment to record the conditions at the scene, collect evidence, standardize law-enforcing conduct, play back the picture of scene and assure the accuracy and fairness of law enforcement.

The equipment supports photography, video recording, audio recording, local storage, infrared night vision and laser positioning. The product has the advantages of small size, light weight, easy to carry with ability to one hand operate the device, it is a good helper for field of law enforcement.

SEFOR Solutions
We provide various types of cutting-edge personal police cameras
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Data safety and protection

Encrypted data, when docking automatic download of data on server and erasing from device. Data from operation cannot be changed or interfered with.

Cutting-edge technology

Audio and Video remote access, shooting night scenes thanks to infrared illumination and ability to see the faces of people 3 meters away and the figures of people 15 meters away.

Tailor-made solutions

We provide various configurations and types of Personal Police Cameras with aim to meet the most specific requirements of their end users.

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