Our products

SEFOR Tracking solutions

Independent mobile tracking system

pTRACK III. Generation, version 2.0

pTRACK III. (personal TRACKer) is a mobile intervention system designed for the management and precise coordination of operational groups (persons/vehicles) in the field, extended by the functions of diagnostics, display and storage of position data.

SEFOR Audio Solutions

Mobile and stationary high-performance loudspeakers

Acoustic long-range hailing devices

Our sound systems are designed to provide warnings, information and instructions over long distances from a safe distance. The warning and communication ability offers such high intelligibility that it makes the systems ideally suited to exert psychological influence (PsyOps) like no other in this category.

SEFOR Thermal imaging solutions

Thermal imaging devices

State-of-the-art optoelectronic technology

High-performance capabilities of the optical systems, an extended set of functions and ergonomic design of SEFOR thermal imaging devices, makes them an indispensable for a wide range of applications.

Our products

SEFOR Solutions


Tactical Light Systems

SEFOR LED light is a block structure based on a technologically advanced luminaire and a replaceable SEFOR-POWER-BANK battery.


Personal Police Cameras

Law-enforcement recorders are field audio and video recording products of our company, applying multiple latest video and audio processing technologies.


Multi-Spectral Binocular

The device has superior image quality and sensor sensitivity for rough environment, all in advanced ergonomic design.


Thermal Imaging Goggles

The smallest and lightest thermal imaging goggles in the world. SEFOR TILO has very high thermal resolution of up to <40 mK. This almost corresponds to the performance of large cooled thermal imaging devices and makes orientation possible even in indoor areas and low-dynamic environments.



SW application for off-line/on-line playback of video recordings from camera systems (personal, stationary, vehicle, etc.) with simultaneous display of data on the time and position of their acquisition over a digital map base.