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Thermal Imaging Goggles


Thermal Imaging Goggles

The smallest and lightest thermal imaging light optics in the world. Compared to the smallest equipment of our competitors, the TILO is half the size and weight. The sensor resolution of the TILO-6 series can be increased to 640 × 512 pixels. The detection distance has been extended to 1,000 m. The user will not miss the white LED illumination function, which is available on all TILO ™ models.

When the TILO is folded down and the lens flap is opened, it becomes a thermal imaging monocular, that has a very high thermal resolution of up to <40 mK. This almost corresponds to the performance of large cooled thermal imaging devices and makes orientation possible even in indoor areas and low-dynamic environments. This is also due to the large viewing angle of 24°.

State-of-the-art technology

Our thermal imaging goggles use a unique and long-developed thermal vision technology for ultra-compact TILO devices.

Robust military design

The weather-resistant design makes thermal imaging equipment ideal for harsh conditions. Housing: polyamide, resistant to cold breakage, reinforced with nanotubes; cover eyepiece made of crystal sapphire.

Tailor-made solutions

We are constantly developing and modernizing our products, and at the same time we are expanding our range with new innovative thermal imaging solutions. We can also provide specific solutions for the most demanding clients.

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