SEFOR Solutions / Personal Tracking System

Personal Tracking System


pTRACK III (personal TRACKer) is a mobile intervention system usable for control and accurate coordination of operative teams (extended order formations) in the field, with added functionalities for diagnostics, display and storage of position data.

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• the system is suitable for deployment in crisis conditions and search actions,
• searching for lost persons,
• searching for persons after avalanches,
• rescue operations in case of natural disasters,
• field sea ches after plane crashes,
• disposal of dangerous objects and explosives in an area,
• searches for evidence and submission of information about its position,
• recording of working dog movements during field searches.


• informs about team movements in a map application for easy control of search actions,
• makes recordings of search actions,
• plays back recordings of search actions,
• option to notify the control point if the subject of the search is found,
• information to search units from the control point.


• integration with the MOBILITY system,• positioning information refreshed every 5 seconds,
• up to 150 m reach between individual modules,
• KIM-control point connection via GSM 2G/3G/4G network,
• operating time without recharge at least 8 hours,
• system recharging time max. 6 hours,
• diagnostic data submission,
• 2.0 saves operating data and error states in its internal memory,
• 2.0 wireless configu ation and diagnostics by means of a diagnostic unit,
• 2.0 displaying of information from KIM on a smartphone/tablet with OS Android 5.0 or higher.