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Audio systems


Mobile and Stationary loudspeakers

Our product portfolio has expanded to include professional audio systems designed by experts in their field, from the ranks of our new German business partner. Our partner develops and manufactures high-performance mobile sound systems and accessories in its own modern facilities.

SEFOR Audio loudspeakers provide a wide range of extensive acoustic solutions for a variety of military and law enforcement applications. Sound systems can be used for both operational communication and PsyOps.

In addition to public announcements over long distances (up to 5 km), security zones can be set up with loudspeakers to warn of imminent threats that could save lives. The warning and communication capabilities of the device offer such high intelligibility that it makes the system ideally suited for developing the so-called psychological influence (PsyOps) like no other in this category. A high level of protection of the equipment is guaranteed even in difficult conditions and terrain, whether in urban, open rural or marine environments.

SEFOR Audio systems include an extensive range of accessories developed over the years of practical experience, including a comprehensive selection of mounting options for land, sea and air vehicles that enable rapid implementation and direct reach of people over long distances.

The main areas of use of sound systems are threat protection, internal security, fire services, border security, civil defense and civilian use. It is in these areas that the added value of sound speaker systems is used the most… Compactness, intelligibility and volume over long distances, and user safety are the main advantages of SEFOR Audio speakers.

SEFOR Solutions
We provide various types of state-of-the-art technology loudspeakers
360° Series high-performance loudspeaker
Battery powered high-performance loudspeaker
M-215 X
Acoustic high-power directional loudspeaker
STREETHAILER® Series – Automotive Audio systems
Audio processing and remote control
SEFOR Audio Products
Product list of SEFOR Audio® Loudspeaker Series

Safety features

The unique AD-HOC™ and AP-LOCK™ safety features are an integral part of our systems.

High intelligibility

Public announcements over long distances (up to 5 km) and PsyOps like no other in this category.

Robust design

The weather-resistant construction in IP65 design with coating with C5 corrosion resistance makes speakers ideal for harsh conditions.

SEFOR Solutions HQ

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