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IP Voice gateway



PVG is a PTT (Push-To-Talk) IP voice gateway application intended primarily for the dissemination of voice traffic of the *PEGAS network, but also for trunk and tactical radio networks of other manufacturers via the IP data protocol. The system enables the connection of voice communication between the radio network and the network of data services (WIFI, GSM). Radio stations in direct mode can also be used as radio network resources. This system finds application in places with insufficient radio network coverage, where it connects users using an application on mobile phones with users using radio stations in places with network coverage.

The user application for Android and iOS platforms – PVG Client can be integrated into the REDBAC service performance support application or 3rd party applications. The server part of the solution – PVG Server can be integrated into the ILS system to support central authorization management – user authentication, central management of voice groups (“talkgroups”) and other functionalities.

AVG PTT (Push-To-Talk) intervention team application

AVG (ATTACK Voice Gateway) is a special variant of the PVG application designed for special purpose teams. The client application enables communication in the team via mobile platforms – smartphones/tablets and has the option of keying with a wireless Bluetooth button for concealed carry. As a standard part of the solution for external keying is a hardware pocket controller with a button and/or an application for a smart watch.

*PEGAS is the code name for the TETRAPOL network implemented in the Czech Republic.

In use by the Police of the Czech Republic since 2019.

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Push-To-Talk application
Push-To-Talk system – application for disseminating voice traffic between the GSM network and TETRA/TETRAPOL/other radio networks via the IP data protocol.
ATTACK Voice Gateway – is a special variant of the PVG application designed for special purpose and intervention teams

Safety features

Encryption of voice data, authorization and control data channel.

Flexibility in connection

Unlimited group calls on one server.

Independent coverage

PVG enables the connection of places outside the signal coverage of the radio network and inside buildings.

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