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10th anniversary of pTRACK

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pTRACK is being used in the search for lost people for more than 10 years now. By this decade, pTRACK had already indirectly helped to save countless of lives, found key evidence to clarify cases, and provided very valuable feedback from recorded operations. Let’s take a moment in the gallery, what the beginnings of pTRACK in 2011 looked like.

The development of pTRACK was led by the long-term need for tracking system capable of searching lost people, and its use has significantly streamlined the search process. Newest generation of pTRACK is now technically at a quite different level in terms of search accuracy, battery life and other important parameters, while the principle of its use remains the same.

Thanks to online transmission and recording of search operations, it is possible to learn from your own mistakes, re-search the places that were missed during the first searching, thoroughly check the coverage of the marked area, record all findings very accurately and much more. All this leads to a more efficient search, subsequent investigation and generates evidence for the legislative process.

The pTRACK system came through significant changes in 10 years, in addition to better parameters, the software application MOBILITY Client is constantly undergoing development. The application MOBILITY Client displays data on various map materials, now also with 3D terrain profiling. Gradually, other functions of the system are added, such as “dead man” reporting, specialized modules for dog handlers, whose are the key part of search operations, special modules for concealed carry suitable for carrying at demonstrations, or modules for vehicles transporting valuables or escorting VIPs. Thanks to excellent compatibility with other data sources, it is possible to connect the system, for example, with other IRS departments and easily manage even very complex search operations.

pTRACK III. generation with MOBILITY Client SW