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Our PTZ camera will keep an eye on rescuers from the Pilsen region

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Another modern technology we have just delivered to the ZZS is available to the regional paramedics from Pilsen. It is a special monitoring magnetic camera PTZ. It will be permanently placed in the traffic inspector’s vehicle, but if a mass personal injury (HPO) occurs, it can be moved to one of the Gazelle vehicles that the paramedics use for this purpose.

PTZ camera with magnetic mount

One of its great advantages is that the image can be transmitted online directly to the Medical Operations Centre, thus providing operators with a perfect overview of what is happening at the scene of a serious accident or HPO. They will thus be able to coordinate rescue operations more easily. Of course, the new camera will also be used during exercises of all IZS units, cooperation trainings, Bio Hazard team events, AMOK or at the choice of the traffic inspector. It is also possible to monitor the activities of the medical unit in the headquarters of the intervention commander during HPO.

We have also supplied the camera with the VIDEOMAN application which is used for off-line/on-line playback of video recordings from camera systems (personal, stationary, vehicle, etc.) with simultaneous display of time and location data over a digital map base. When configured with a PTZ camera, the camera can also be remotely controlled via this application using the remote control integrated in the VIDEOMAN application.

PTZ camera with magnetic mount

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(Photo – ZZS PK Filip Šimčík)