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pTRACK Showcases Enhanced Search & Rescue Capabilities to Ukrainian Emergency Responders

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Following a successful initial presentation, pTRACK returned to Kyiv last week for a second demonstration hosted by the Mobile Rescue Center of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. This time, representatives from the National Police, National Guard, and Rescue Units witnessed the solution’s potential in enhancing their operations.

The demonstration, conducted in a professional training facility, simulated a search operation, specifically highlighting pTRACK’s ability to manage team orientation in challenging terrain. The system impressed attendees with its:

Real-time tracking: See every team member’s movement and the precise location of individuals and vehicles on the ground.
Enhanced situational awareness: Gain a real-time overview of the entire operation, enabling faster decision-making.
Improved data security: All information is securely stored and transmitted, protecting sensitive details.

These features, combined with the potential to save time and cost, ultimately aim to achieve the most critical objective: SAVING LIVES.

The State Emergency Service team is commended for their professionalism and commitment to exploring innovative solutions that can improve their vital work.