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We closed the year 2022 with the successful handover of the project for dog handlers of the Police of the Czech Republic

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In December 2022, a special project, subsidised by the European Union for the development of cross-border cooperation between the police of the Czech Republic and the police of Poland, was successfully submitted and presented. This project involved the development of a special KIM mini module with a mobile application for Android. This system is used by the Police dog handlers to precisely locate their position in inaccessible terrain, including the position of other units equipped with the pTRACK system from SPJ. The specially adapted pTRACK system module will be used in activities related to the search for lost persons or specific training.

KIM Mini – specially modified KIM module in a compact version

For dog handlers from the Moravian-Silesian region we developed the KIM mini module based on their specific requirements for working in difficult terrain conditions with low signal coverage. It is a personal, independent, fully automatic, tracking system, which is used to track and coordinate the movement of people or vehicles, independently of the communication infrastructure. KIM mini allows wireless connection (Bluetooth) with an Android OS-based device to display diagnostic and positional information over a 3D map base.

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